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Simple Formatting Rules

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I search by full name?

    To perform a full name search you must use an acceptable input format of firstName lastName for single-word first and last names (e.g., George Washington) or lastName, firstName for more complex names (e.g., Van Buren, Martin).

  2. How do I search by last name alone?

    Input a lastName (e.g., Washington) or a lastName followed by a comma into the search field (e.g., Washington,).

  3. How do I search by multiple-word last name?

    Place a comma after the last name words (e.g., Van Buren,).

  4. How do I search by first name alone?

    Input a comma followed by the first name (e.g., ,George). A missing or misplaced comma will return incorrect results. George or George, will both perform a last name search.

  5. How do I perform a wildcard search (if I don't know the exact spelling)?

    Replace the unknown characters with the wildcard character(s) *. For example, when searching for Dougherty you may be unsure whether Dougherty is spelled with an o (Dougherty) or an a (Daugherty). In this case simply replace the character in question (a or o) with the wildcard character *. Your query term should now look like D*ugherty and will return results for both spellings.

  6. Can I search using a nickname?

    No. At this time nicknames are not supported. Please use full first names instead (e.g., William instead of Bill).

  7. Can I use first or middle name initials in my search?

    Middle name initials are not supported (e.g., John F. Kennedy), please use first name and last name only (e.g., John Kennedy or Kennedy, John). First name initials are not supported (e.g., Washington, G. or G. Washington ) in the initialLetter. format. Please use the first name initial without the period (e.g., Washington, G or G Washington).

  8. Can I use a title or position as a prefix in my search (e.g., Professor Washington, Dr. Washington)?

    Searching by title or position is not supported (e.g., Dr., Mr., Dean, etc.).

  9. Can I use a person attribute search? Can I use anything other than a person's name to find them?

    No. At this time searching by netID, phone number, email address, mailing address, department, or title and position are not supported. Faculty/Staff may find a person from a specific department by first performing a department search and then viewing it's directory listing of members (requires logging in with a valid netID).

  10. How do I search for someone who may have changed his or her name due to marriage?

    Try searching by maiden name first. If that doesn't work, try placing a wildcard character * either before or after the maiden name (e.g., *Smith or Smith*).

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